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FSC offers great ways to watch your employees, kids, or whatever from your computer across the room or around the world. We have solutions for dial-up lines and for DSL. We have inexpensive, and we have high-power, high-resolution systems. We can record the action at your facility or at the remote facility for later viewing. We can even set up systems where we can talk to the remote sites through your phone or a microphone on your computer, and control lights and other remote devices.

We offer covert systems to catch the action and overt systems to deter the action. The beauty of our systems is that that besides using the public network, we can transport the signals across the other wireless networks we sell and install, or integrate it into a complete system of Phone, Data and Security.

We have high resolution systems available for viewing, with a download of viewing software, however you can quickly take a look at the following lower resolution cameras.

LIVE PTZ: The following is a link to a PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera. It is a digital zoom only camera operating over a wireless connection, as well as the internet, to show a hybrid system in action. Feel free to play - but keep in mind that we also sell PTZ cameras with the capability of 23X zoom, and when combined with digital zoom - up to 80X zoom - Please note you if you are using Internet Explorer - you may be asked to accept a small Java applet to run the PTZ controls. Just click "yes" to accept - and watch us!

LIVE WIRELESS PTZ camera in our Warehouse -  CLICK HERE

More Live Streaming video from our office:

Please note you if you are using Internet Explorer - you may be asked to accept a small Java applet from Axis Communications.  Just click "yes" to accept - and watch us!

This is our Front Office Camera

For a larger view CLICK HERE

This is our "Wireless Warehouse Cam" live in the FSC offices.

Great for:

  • Remote work sites

  • Site surveys (excellent line of site testing!)

  • Day care

  • Watching your home

  • Watching anything you can put a camera on

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