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Tool List


All employees are required to have their own set of hand tools.  A 20 day grace period is given for employees to purchase or upgrade their tool set.

The following tools are to be supplied and maintained by employee while employed by FSC. All tools must be of good quality and in good working order. Employees first pay-raise with FSC is dependent upon having these tools and may be withdrawn immediately if employee does not keep these in his or her possession.

  • 3 Phillips Screwdrivers (small*, large & pocket*)

  • 3 Flathead Screwdrivers (small*, large, & pocket*)

  • 2 Pair Channel Locks (small* & large)

  • 3 Crescent Wrenches (8"*, 12", & 15")

  • 1 "Mini-Mag" Brand Flashlight* (LED or Standard) (batteries & bulb provided)

  • 1 Digital Voltmeter with detachable test leads

  • 1 Electrician's Knife* with 2-3/8" curved sheepfoot skinning/electrician's blade (sharp, carried open)

  • 1 Pair Sidecutters* (AKA Dykes)

  • 1 Open End Wrench* (7/16")

  • 1 Telephone Scissors* (AKA Snips)

  • 1 Allen Wrench Set (small)

  • 1 Tape Measure* (10' okay)

  • 1 Tool Pouch, Ditty Bag & Tool Belt*

  • 1 Needle Nose Pliers*

  • Hard Sole Shoes & Collared Shirt w/Pocket*

  • Pen & Pencil (Each w/Permanent Steel Clips - To be in your Shirt Pocket at all times)*

  • Up-to-date time sheet*

  • LA & OC Thomas guide directory

*Denotes items that are to be carried at all times.  All other items to be accessible from work vehicle at all times.

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